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Buildair is an international company with headquarters in Barcelona, Spain, and offices in Asia, Latin America and the United States.

For over a decade, we have specialised in manufacturing, engineering and designing inflatable tents, portable hangars, rapid-deployment pneumatic bridges and temporary enclosures and domes. Buildair Engineering and Architecture, S.A are specialists in covering large spaces.

Great deal of experience behind a wide variety of developments in the field of pneumatic engineering. Inflatable tents, structures and pavilions, inflatable enclosures and covers, inflatable hangars and innovative projects in which textile architecture, safety and image are essential.

The most advanced technology used in the design and construction of inflatable structures. Our constant focus on research and development has enabled us to find numerous innovative applications of this technology for itinerant and large-scale events.

Buildair textile technology is the safe alternative: it enables our clients to meet their space-covering needs with rapid-deployment structures, and at the same time, stand out from the competition by increasing brand awareness and improving their image and social and environmental impact.


Javier Marcipar

Mercè López

Carles Estruch

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