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The EURECAT Foundation has as its mission increasing the competitiveness of companies and organisations in the metal and plastic processing sectors as a whole. The EURECAT Foundation operates an ISO 9001-certified, leading-edge technology centre located near Barcelona (Spain), providing services in the fields of plastic, metal and special tooling. The main activities of EURECAT Technology Centre are the following: Applied R&D Projects, Specialised Technical and Professional Training, Product & Process Engineering, Injection Mould Testing, Technical Consulting, Technology Transfer and International Co-operation Projects.

EURECATs facilities comprise injection moulding machines, materials laboratory, rapid manufacturing machines (including one laser sintering and one incremental sheet forming stations), comprehensive CAD/CAM/CAE capability, complete metalmachining workshops (including two high speed milling centres, precission EDMing and one laser eroding machine) and laboratory for mechatronics.


Agusti Chico

Joan Guasch

Mª Eugenia Rodriguez

Mailaen Biurrun

Begoña Fernandez

Agustin Fernandez

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