GDP  is specialized in the production of composite sections obtained by the process of pultrusion. The pultrusion is a continuous industrial process allowing production of sections, highly reinforced in the axial direction of the profile; whose characteristics make it possible to replace traditional materials. The polymerized section (rigid) is obtained by PULLING, through a heated die, reinforcements (glass fibers, carbon fibers…) impregnated with synthetic resin. Various type of resin can be transformed: polyester, acrylic, phenolic, polyurethane.


Fabrice Maimbourg

Valerie Denis

Jérémy Barbereau





Hypermembrane  has received funding from the European Union's Seventh Framework Programme managed by REA-Research Executive Agencyhttp://ec.europa.eu/research/rea. ([FP7/2007-2013] [FP7/2007-2011]) under grant agreement n° 606242.

hypermembrane ha recivido fondos de desarrollo para proyecto NEOTEC del CEDETI, SNEO - 20171268. Estructura adaptable para envolventes arquitectonicas de geometrias complejas.