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October 2016. European Research Programme FP7 Completed!

The aim of this project has been designing a system/process able to generate multiple and non-predetermined shapes that are modifiable with regard to differential spatial requirements. Our purpose has been achieving formal adaptability and not formal uniqueness. (Ideal form), the success of the principles of this project are that with a very simple algorithm, the structure created is able to evolve, to change shape, with the capacity for multiple structural equilibrium configurations. We haven’t design an artifact but a system to form multiple artifacts. It is a complex structure, strong but flexible, and capable of differential movement thanks to its multiple micro-components. Hypermembrane is a paradigm of Biomimetic architecture because its MUSCULAR behaviour, the goal of the Hypermembrane is achieving formal exuberance by means of the system’s flexural compression capacity. Then, the system bases its capacity to generate form thanks to its MUSCULAR properties, therefore the integration into the project of advanced materials and advanced programing is crucial.

Three years ago, Thanks to the 7th European Framework Research Programme Capacities for SMEs, we presented the Hypermembrane Pilot DEMO 1 at Barcelona Design Hub Museum.

Today Thanks to the 7th European Framework Research Programme Demo Project, we present (still in process of construction) the Hypermembrane Pilot DEMO 2 at Santa and Cole Facilities at Parc Belloch, Cardedeu.

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