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To build up and industrially validate a final pilot of the HyperMembrane System. The goal is to end up with a

finished product, Scale 1/1, that can be exhibited in different international construction fairs. The demonstrator of

the HyperMembrane, will include its Digital and Material features:

- A fully working software package that will be used for the design of the HyperMembrane pilot. It will be the

result of WP 2 (Parametric shape control and Structural Analysis)

- A fully working physical structure. The aims of this pilot is to prove that the project can fit architectonic

standards, in terms of security (structural, fire and use) and in terms of functionality. For this reason it will be

built real scale so that the actuators, strips, ground connections and covering membrane can demonstrate

their functionality, and will have enough surface as to prove that complex geometries are achieved with this

standardized system. All the components of the demonstrator – actuators, strips, ground connections and

covering membrane will be integrated as a fully working system.






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